HiVision ESaver

Savings system proven by practice

This module is usually supplied as standard with our lines. The customer thus receives a device that saves energy (electricity, gas) or water costs for the operation of the chemical pre-treatment or painting booth until the end of the life of the technology.

The individual energy-saving systems are interlinked and one part of the system for saving electricity, for example an engine, can also save water and heat consumption, thus multiplying the savings.
By connecting to the outputs of standard metering transmitters, very important information on media consumption is obtained. When combined with HiVision SprayCode product coding, the real consumption per product series (even in downtime) can also be determined:

  • water
  • gas
  • electricity
  • powder paints

Production cost reductions can then be targeted precisely and precisely.

Benefits of the function in chemical pretreatment:

  • Reduction of electricity consumption by over 40 % (inverter algorithm + power control).
  • Reduction of energy consumption for bath heating by 20 % – 50 %.
  • Quiet operation – optimized functions reduce the noise level of the drive.
  • Motor protection against overvoltage and voltage spikes – longer lifetime
  • Smooth pump start with torque monitoring – pump protection and extended pump life
  • Special algorithm to save energy even during normal motor operation
  • Integrated category C2 filter for interference-free operation while maintaining a small footprint
  • Possibility to set the desired spraying power
  • Eco-friendly operation due to stainless steel pump – protection and longer lifetime

Advantages for powder booths:

  • Automatic power reduction when painting stops
  • Automatic suction start-up
  • Automatic power increase when changing colour shade
  • Faster cleaning process with greater efficiency
  • Quiet operation – optimized features reduce suction noise
  • Savings of up to 30% on paint booth operation

Of course, it is also possible to install all or part of the saving system on existing technology. In this case, it is necessary to measure the current situation and calculate the return on such an investment.