HiVision: Processes under control

Our control system is used by paint shops and other manufacturing companies in Europe. We can program it to work for you, and to work as efficiently as possible. For example, by saving up to 20 % on annual paint costs.

Meet HiVision modules

One central system controls all parts of the technology remotely
Modules can be combined freely
Individual solutions for your technology

Operation control with HiVision has never been easier

Experienced experts
We have a team of in-house programmers who develop individual solutions for you.
Our laboratory
We carefully test theoretical proposals. We have a laboratory for chemical tests and an application laboratory.
Your watchdog
The system itself monitors for non-standard technology behaviour and can predict an error before it actually occurs.
We are well-known in Europe
The HiVision control system is a registered trademark for the entire European Union.
Configurable user rights
The line is easily controlled by the employees themselves, but they only get into the parts of the systems they work with.
Controllable by anyone
The large displays and the adaptation of the text display make it easier for people with visual impairments to operate the system.
We solve problems remotely
We work with remote access, thanks to which we can solve any problem or even update the system without having to come to you.
Intuitive and simple
The operation of our control system is easy and intuitive. After the training, the system is as easy to use for all users as working on a regular personal computer.

Implementing a new control system requires only 4 steps

Needs analysis with customer → solution design → system presentation → implementation into operation

Asking and listening

You have chosen the HiVision system. Great choice! We will now clarify your request with you as much as possible so that we can create a tailor-made solution for you.

If you already have a control system but need to upgrade the technology you are using, we will be interested in its input technical data.

Creating a proposal

We know the painting process from A to Z: We build the coating lines ourselves and deliver it as a whole. We therefore know the context, the connections and the possible corners and we know very well how the painting process should be carried out correctly. Therefore, we will design a system that will be unrivalled.

Finished system presentation

In the third step, we present the finished design. We will show you all the functions and how to operate the system. If necessary, we make adjustments to ensure that everything is 100 % ready for final implementation and live operation.

Live installation

We install an already tuned and tested system, so it takes only a short time to get it up and running. The time of any downtime in operation or production is minimal.